Production & Delivery - Products & Applications

Penn Foam is a foam manufacturer as well as a custom foam fabricator. This allows us to control quality, cost, and lead times. Currently we manufacture hundreds of different custom foam formulations. We know that every customer's foam needs are different and unique. By understanding your needs, goals and budget, Penn Foam can work with you to develop the foam solution that's right for your application.

Products can be supplied in buns, blocks, sheets, rolls or fabricated parts - in standard or custom densities, IFD's, fire retardant, antimicrobial, antistatic, and various colors.


  • ethers (polyether foam)
  • esters (polyester foam)
  • Visco (memory foam, visco-elastic foam)
  • ELE's (ester-like-ethers)
  • polyethylene (PE)
  • cross linked polyethylene
  • sponge
  • dacron wrapped cushions
  • glued assemblies
  • heat welded polyethylene assemblies
  • contoured cushions
  • fire retardant foam
  • antimicrobial foam
  • antistatic foam
  • custom color foam
  • California Bulletin 117 (Cal 117 foam)
  • military foam (mil-spec foam)
  • flocked foam
  • EPS (expanded polystyrene)
  • dacron
  • cotton

  • furniture
  • bedding
  • packaging
  • electronics & glassware packaging
  • protective packaging
  • filters
  • garment padding
  • gymnasium mats
  • gymnasium pit cubes
  • baby furniture
  • office furniture
  • medical furniture
  • novelty foam toys
  • automotive, personal, and household sponges
  • upholstery
  • contract seating
  • display